Volunteer Opportunities

VolunteersThe St. Louis Classical Guitar Society
invites you
To Become a Volunteer!

This can be a very significant year for the growth of the Society.

We invite you to be a part of it!

Would you like to volunteer . . .

To hand out programs, tear tickets, or help usher at a concert?

To check in the attendees at a master class?

To bring food for a reception?

To help out at a members' event?

To donate a guitar for use in a school classroom?

To serve on the Concert, Membership, or Fundraising Committee?

Your contribution in the spirit of sharing--whatever it may be--will go far in
continuing our mission to reach out to and involve our community. Through our
individual efforts we would like to turn our Society into an even more effective
group of wide community involvement and support.

Please become a Member and take part in some way in this special Memorial
Season, as we move forward to honor the contributions of Kathy Ash.

Email Us to learn more: info@guitarstlouis.net